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PCE HOA Safety Bulletin 05.05.2018

Unfortunately, Palm Cove Estates fell victim to vandals early Thursday morning, May 3rd, 2018. Several vehicles on Palm Cove Drive and Sugar Palm Drive were vandalized/burglarized. Windows were broken in those that were locked, and those unlocked were ransacked. Small valuables or items that “looked” valuable were stolen.

Please remember to bring in valuables and garage door openers. Don’t leave them in your cars to entice crooks. Before going to bed, we suggest making sure your home and cars are secure and garage doors are down.

One more issue to address is speeding in our neighborhood. The speed limit is 25MPH!! A resident’s parked truck was sideswiped by a speeder who wasn’t paying attention. Please remind all drivers in your family and their friends NOT TO SPEED. For your safety and for the safety of the kids in our neighborhood, please remember that school will be out soon and kids will be on our streets riding bikes, skateboarding, and having fun.

Thank you for being more alert and aware.

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