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Letter From Our HOA

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Good day to all our Homeowners:

As an HOA we are trying our best to help make our neighborhood look outstanding, for we all know that a well-kept neighborhood will add to the value of all our homes.

So we just would like share a few very important things with all of you:

Grass Issues and Help

  • Spring is right around the corner and it looks like the cold winter temperatures killed most of the crab grass. Although, we’re seeing some starting to sprout. Now what?

  • First, learn to recognize crab grass so you can treat it. Most lawn care services say that they can’t treat it commercially. Tell your lawn service to show you the crab grass. If they treat for it, keep monitoring it between treatments. Call them back if necessary. It’s your money.

  • Let’s talk about St. Augustine Grass, (straight blades grass that grows in runners). You’ll see it because hopefully it takes up the majority of your lawn (goggle it or go to Lowe’s and look at it). St Augustine is good! Crab grass is very bad! It will take over your entire lawn if you let it.

  • Crab grass has very short, oval blades of grass, has died and left a matted dead patch in your lawn. Walk the neighborhood, you’ll see it.

  • IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Small patches of dead crab grass will probably fill in with healthy St Augustine grass. Large areas will not recover and need to be RE-SODDED with healthy St Augustine. Large dead areas of lawn are in violation of covenants and can result in you receiving violation letters. (three letters and it starts to cost you money - yuk!) Fix those areas now before the weather gets too hot. Re-sodded areas need water twice a day for at least two weeks.

  • Here’s the bad part! Crab grass before it died, put down seeds that are starting to germinate. A pre-emergent should have been put down about a month ago to prevent the crab grass seeds from spouting. It’s a little late now. Look for small bladed grass in amongst the dead patches.

  • Sprinkle (with your hands - it won’t harm you) Arm & Hammer Baking Soda (not baking powder) on the blades of crab grass in the morning when the blades are wet from dew.. A light dusting will kill crab grass (and not St Augustine) in about a week. It’s OK if you get some on the St Augustine. You’ll see the crab grass deteriorating. A second application may be necessary. Buy a big bag of Baking Soda and walk your lawn at least once a week. Sprinkle all areas of crab grass and you will keep ahead of it. Note, Baking Soda will not kill weeds. Dollar weeds (look like round weeds the size of a quarter) will also take over your lawn and requires special dollar weed killer. Weed-N-Feed will not work on Dollar weeds or crab grass. That’s another letter.

  • Lastly, fertilize the St Augustine to ensure it stays healthy and takes over the crab grass. If you are not sure about any of the above, contact your lawn service.

Palms and Trees

  • Please trim your palm tree and remove all dead plants and trees from your yard. Read more...

Trash Cans

  • On a side note, please put those monstrous trash cans away so they’re not visible from the street. 


  • It is quite important to please park your car on the driving side of the road (thus not facing in the wrong direction). Cars can also not be parked in the street for 48 hours and longer. Please use the drive ways. Read more...(PDF download)


  • We adore them but they can be quite a nuisance for others. Please control you dogs. Excessive barking is not allowed and please pick up behind your dog! Read more...

Thank you,

Palm Cove Estates HOA

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