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Welcome To Palm Cove Estates

For many people, the most important investment they will ever make is to buy a home. Different from other investments, this one has an emotional and functional value--this is where we live our lives, tell our stories, entertain our friends, and raise our children.

The Palm Cove Estates Home Owners Board understands all of these things, for we too, live in this neighborhood. It is therefore our pledge to do our best to protect your financial investment by making sure that the homes and lawns and gardens in our neighborhood are well maintained. We also try to make it a place that is as safe as possible for you and your guests to relax in and enjoy and for your children to grow up in. To this end, several of the board members along with other neighborhood volunteers have joined the "Citizens on Patrol" program. Through this program, we have a group of dedicated volunteers who work with the sheriff's office in patrolling our neighborhood and keeping a watchful eye on our friends' and neighbors' homes. We would like to remind you of the importance of protecting your family and home by keeping your doors and windows locked and diligently taking the steps necessary to secure your home when you are absent from the premises.

We ask you to help us in this pledge by keeping your property well maintained and getting involved in your community. We have started having our biannual block parties again and always need volunteers for community decorating at the holidays, creative ideas for neighborhood enhancements, and even contributions for our website! The Board meets once every two months and if you are interested in getting involved in any capacity, signs will be posted at the entrances of the subdivision when the HOA (Home Owners Association) will meet--your attendance is always welcome. Each December, we have our annual meeting and I encourage everyone to attend to discuss the yearly budget, vendor contracts, committee reports, neighborhood issues to be voted on, and upcoming news and developments that may impact where we live. One way you can become more involved with your community is by serving on the Board of Directors or on one of the committees, where we can always use more good people and new ideas.

We hope that every time you enter Palm Cove Estates, you will feel at home and proud to say that you live here!


Ferdi Brits, President
Palm Cove Estates Board of Directors

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