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Neighborhood Watch

Safety starts with us!

Both Neighborhood Watch and the COPS program make an active difference in our community with increased cooperation between our neighborhood and Orange County Sheriff's Office, providing assistance to the Sheriff's Office through additional observation and reporting, and providing an increased public presence in the neighborhood.

As neighbors there is an easy way to make our community safer...join the Palm Cove Estates Neighborhood Watch Program.

The best crime prevention device ever invented is a good neighbor. The security steps you and your neighbors take as a group are just as important as the things you do individually. This joint effort is called Neighborhood Watch.

Neighborhood Watch includes an effort to inform everyone of good home security techniques, marking and listing your property, and neighborhood participation. In addition, it includes watching out for and reporting suspicious or unusual activities in your neighborhood--not only for your own property, but also of your neighbors.

Safety Tips To Remember:

  • Always keep your home alarm set

  • Always keep your eyes open when you are driving through the neighborhood

  • Call the OC Non-Emergency number if you suspect anything: (407) 836-HELP • (407) 836-4357

  • Call 911 If You Know Something Is Wrong

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